What Is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?
Seach Engine Optimization is, as the name implies, optimizing your website to be easily found by online search engines using keywords & search terms. The idea behind SEO is to have your website show up as high as possible in the list of results when a person searches for a product or service that you provide.

How Does SEO Work?
Optimizing your website to be found on the major search engines like Google, Bing, Ask, etc. isn’t magic or even rocket science. It’s an art that requires the website designer to follow a defined set of development rules, including: valuable reader content, properly designed pages, strategically placed (and strategically chosen) keywords, search term refinement & page comparison.

Be found on these popular search engines!
How Can SEO Help Me?
By making it easier for people to find your business, you are making it easier for people to choose to do business with YOU! If your business info doesn’t exist online or if another business is showing up in the searches first, then you are much less likely to get the call.